Kasey Crown

Trauma Alchemy + Wellness Education


Kasey, I’m interested in your counseling services but notice they are not advertised on this site. Is there availability in your private practice?

Thank you for your interest in my practice. Unfortunately, my private practice is fully committed at this time and I am working to develop a list of trusted referrals. Please send an email through my contact page if you wish to be added to my waitlist. In the meantime, join me at a workshop as a way to jump start the healing process.

I am interested in attending an event or workshop but cannot afford it. Is there a scholarship option available?

A limited number of scholarships and discounts are available and evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Please contact us with your request

Are your workshops and events a good replacement for psychotherapy, medicine or other treatments?

My workshops and events are psycho-educational and experiential. They are not a replacement for necessary medical mental or physical health treatment. I strongly encourage you to seek support if you are in need of medical attention.

Are your workshops appropriate for teenagers?

I am an advocate of psychotherapy, mindfulness training and integrative healing practices for children and teenagers, however I do not serve the minor population in my practice or at workshops. All participants must be 18 years or older.