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Upcoming Events

WellSoul + Goop in Health

Los Angeles, California

May 18th 2019

WellSoul + In goop Health

Join me and my WellSoul teaching partner, energy healer Jakki Leonardini, at the next In goop Health Summit for a mind-body-soul reset. We will offer several mini WellSoul workshops exploring the scientific, psychological and spiritual health benefits of presence and will support you with tools for calling your energy into the present moment and acting with clear high frequency intention, attention and awareness.

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Ojai WellSoul Workshop

Ojai, California

October 11-13, 2019

WellSoul Workshop

Join me and my teaching partner, energy healer Jakki Leonardini, at the tranquil Ojai Valley Inn for our second annual Ojai WellSoul workshop. Together we will explore a path to true well-being, vitality and creativity through the integration of psychological and spiritual healing.

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Past Events

Napa WellSoul Workshop

Napa, California

February 22-24, 2019

WellSoul Workshop

In February we were joined by 30 curious and committed seekers for our Napa WellSoul workshop. This was one powerful group of wise and willing participants, each of whom brought something unique and special to the weekend. I am enormously grateful to each of you for your courage, vulnerability and creativity!

Ojai WellSoul Workshop

Ojai, California

November 9-11, 2018

WellSoul Workshop

Our first WellSoul workshop took place in the tranquil Ojai valley October of 2018 and was attended by a beautiful group of 27 supportive friends and clients. It marked the beginning of a new path forward for me professionally and this breakthrough experience has a permanent place in my heart. Thank you for showing up and taking a WellSoul leap of faith!

Cheryl Humphreys, Tappan Collective

Custom Workshops

I offer custom workshops and educational lectures for private groups and organizations. To inquire further please contact me here