Kasey Crown

Trauma Alchemy + Wellness Education

About Kasey


Kasey Hendriks Crown, MA, LMFT, is a transpersonal psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, consultant, wellness educator and activist. Her work challenges old mental health paradigms and suggests instead that true well-being lies in our ability to balance scientific and spiritual perspectives. For more than a decade, she has served as a facilitator of the healing process for adult individuals, couples and groups, working to upend trauma, transform emotional injury, repair relationship and unlock vital wisdom to connect people with who they truly are. Kasey’s intuitive and balanced approach to healing has attracted the attention of some the country’s most influential leaders across various disciplines. She is frequently contacted to consult in individual, group and organizational crisis situations.

Kasey holds an undergraduate degree in philosophy from the University of San Diego and a master’s degree in spiritual and counseling psychology from the University of Santa Monica. She has completed post-graduate multiyear advanced clinical trainings in relational studies, interpersonal neurobiology, culturally competent trauma-informed care, harm reduction and psychedelic assisted psychotherapy. Kasey is a California licensed marriage and family therapist, trauma healing and embodied mindfulness facilitator.

Kasey’s early studies were in the field of human consciousness, spirituality, mysticism, yoga and energy medicine and remain foundational to her transpersonal approach. Her clinical work focuses on the treatment of trauma, healing relational and systemic issues, addressing existential pain and actualizing human potential. She draws from various theoretical orientations for her integrative and holistic approach, including psychodynamic psychotherapy; systems approaches to treatment; relational gestalt; person-centered, humanistic, cognitive and behavioral therapies; somatic and spiritual psychology.

In 2018, Kasey established a consultancy and education platform intended to create widespread health through the delivery of transformational psycho-educational and experiential content. She conducts custom workshops for individuals and groups that address the neuro-biological, psychological, social, spiritual and ecological effects of traumatic injury, and that catalyze her holistic approach for conscious transformation to aid clients with embodying a more expansive understanding of Self. She offers tools and practices for enhancing resilience and integrating individual and collective well-being. Among her current public offerings are classes through the Garrison Institute and the company WellSoul, founded in partnership with colleague, friend and energy healer Jakki Leonardini.

In addition to working directly with clients in her private practice, Kasey trains and supervises clinical associates working toward licensure. She is a Fellow of the Garrison Institute in New York, and has worked extensively with a diverse cohort of scholars, artists, and activists to blaze a new trail in the field of collective healing, drawing upon and engaging with the science of interconnection, generative action and awareness-based contemplative wisdom. Additionally, she sits on the global health committee of Crown family philanthropies.

Kasey sees the many challenges humanity currently faces from gross inequity and violence to abuses of power and ecological deterioration as symptomatic of a pervasive underlying mental, emotional and spiritual health crisis, one that we cannot afford to ignore. She is a responsible advocate for alternative forms of treatment for trauma, depression, anxiety and addiction. Kasey maintains that her most important role is mother to her three strong, smart and spirited daughters for whom she intends to contribute to a more loving, cooperative and compassionate world.